Webhosting - create and run your own website.

First things first. Find your prefered domain name.

Hosting a website is essential for freelancers, businesses and other organisations.
Private individuals also benefit from the possibilities of digital communication and presentation on the World Wide Web.

Domains like .de and many other top level domains, starting at 0,19 € per month.


Easy-to-use email service with mail storage and webmail included.
.de-domain included


Reliable webhosting service with very affordable plans starting at just 2,99 € per month


Dedicated ressources for high traffic webapps. VPS plans with managed service


goneo is one of Germany’s leading companies for hosting, servers, email and domain name registration.

Whether you are a beginner, an advanced website operator or a web professional - our selection of web hosting plans is tailored to match your very requirements. The technology used by goneo over the years is reliable, safe and efficient.

All webhosting plans include:

Webspace and mail storage space
Domainname registration
Email service with webmail and anti-spam control

PHP 8 and MySQL databases
SFTP and FTPS server access
Let’s encrypt SSL certificates with super easy implementation

Why choose goneo as your web hoster?



With prices equal to or below those of our competitors - goneo webhosting plans always come with "batteries included". There are no hidden fees or extra costs.


Well Connected

To connect our customers in the most reliable way, we have build a data centre in Frankfurt am Main with a direct link to the largest German Internet node, DECIX.
This also gives us the shortest route to the most important German internet providers - your data always reaches the recipient super fast!
Due to the server location in Germany, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply. This is important with regard to data protection and copyright.



Our offices and data centres are powered by renewable energy sources.

This website is hosted Green - checked by thegreenwebfoundation.org

How to become a customer?

If you live in a country within the European Union, all you need is a valid bank account. For the time being, the only payment method we support is SEPA Direct Debit.

Please note that due to domain registration requirements, a .de top-level domain is only available to German residents and / or businesses with a valid postal address within Germany. Other top-level domains like .eu for example, are also available.

It is also worth mentioning that most of the user interfaces of the software we provide is currently only available in German.